Austin Pratt

It's hard to write about yourself. I wish I could look my self up on wikipedia, copy and paste.... but I cant. So here it goes. My name is Austin Pratt and I’m a musician, animator, and graphic designer. I’m also a huge apple and tech geek, annoying music nerd, and I’m pretty damn good in a kitchen. In my free time I like to travel, backpack, take pictures, and mess around with board sports.

As far as my professional life goes, well, I’ve done a lot of random things. I’ve worked for years on and off as a chef in a few restaurants and for a year I ran my own kitchen at a bar and grill in downtown Salt Lake City. I’ve worked in the outdoor/action sports industry (mostly snowboarding) for both the retailer and manufacturer. I’ve managed and built a small warehouse from the ground up and have done my fare share of shipping/receiving. I’ve hosted and marketed my own music events as well as many outdoor events including local snowboard movie premiers and the 2004 Liquid Force Trip Across America Chico, CA event. For a couple years I traveled around the country as a retail design installer and have opened dozens of retail locations. As more of a hobby, I have helped write/perform/record and book events in bands Juggernaut and Cop & a Criminal.

 I currently do freelance graphic/web design and animation work for a few companies and also produce and do website design and maintenance for Top News Daily podcast for my father Joe Pratt who has worked in TV and radio for years.

Follow me on facebook and/or twitter for updates on future creative projects or check out my blog. Thanks for stopping by my site!!

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